We provide waste-to-energy and waste-to-material solutions through a circular economy ecosystem. We support the transformation to accelerate zero-emission through waste management services, renewable energy products, community development, and environmental consultants.

We envision of creating a zero-waste and fossil-free world for a more prosperous everyday life.

1520 ton

Plastic Waste

Processed into plastic raw material

32 ton

Used Cooking Oil

Processed into biodiesel and disinfectant

`100+ ton C02

Carbon Emission Avoided


Empower People for Circular Economy


Waste-to-Energy & Waste-to-Material Facility

(Data until Q4 2022)

Our Services

Waste Management Service

We provide waste management services for B2B, both on-site or off-site.

Audit for Energy

Prepare companies in managing energy use, ISO 50001 preparation, etc.

Lifecycle Assessment Consulting

Fulfill the provisions stipulated in Permenlhk Number 1 of 2021 for PROPER.

Corporate Social Responsibility Collaboration

Collaborate to form a sustainability and circular economy ecosystem.

Waste Water Treatment Service

Remove organic and inorganic substances from water.

Our Products

We provide renewable energy products and environmentally friendly commodities that are supported by a circular economy ecosystem.

Wood Pellet

Biocharcoal &

Plastic Recycle


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