Our Portfolio

Energy Audit for Pertamina AFT Sepinggan

We conduct energy audits at Pertamina AFT (Aviation Fuel Terminal), a subsidiary of Pertamina Patra Niaga, which manages aviation fuel supplies. Our audits focus on high energy demands and the intensive annual cycle of avtur management. Recognized twice with the PROPER Gold award, our services support Pertamina AFT Sepinggan’s transition towards low-carbon management through enhanced energy efficiency.

BANA Impact+ for Energy Management

We provide real-time energy monitoring to clients such as Intipratama Global Teknik, a subsidiary of the Intipratama Group involved in machinery, tank, and electrification manufacturing. This service helps clients like Pertamina, KSB, and Trakindo optimize energy use, reduce costs, and improve market competitiveness through strategic energy forecasting.

Product Development for Fly Ash and Bottom Ash

We aid palm oil companies like Astra Agro Lestari in managing their substantial Fly Ash and Bottom Ash waste (over 1000 tons per year). Our innovative solutions convert these wastes into new products that reduce management costs, empower communities, and create sustainable business opportunities.

Wastewater Treatment for Textile Central SMEs

In collaboration with the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, we enhance the sustainability of SMEs in the textile sector in Jambi. Our cost-effective and community-friendly wastewater treatment plants address significant waste issues from dyes, waxes, and fabric fixatives, improving water and soil quality.

Geotextile Nature Based for Post-coal Mining Reforestation Project

In partnership with the Bayan Group, our nature-based geotextile products (Cocomesh) are employed in post-coal mining reforestation projects to stabilize soil and support vegetation. We also supply over 5 tons of ready-to-plant seeds for reforestation areas, helping restore ecological balance and reduce environmental impacts.

CSR Collaboration

We collaborate with several companies’ CSR programs to build sustainable ecosystems, working with partners such as Pertamina AFT Sepinggan, Pertamina PHE OHSES, Pertamina Hulu Mahakam, Bayan Group, Pijar Foundation, New Energy Nexus, and more.

International Collaboration

We are open to collaboration on various projects, products, and services. We have experience collaborating with a Korean company to manage landfills in major cities and actively participate in forums like APEC in Taiwan (2023 and 2024), Come Up Global Startup Festival Seoul Korea, Enlit Asia Bangkok 2022, and Enlit Asia Jakarta 2023.

Other Projects

We are involved in various other projects that align with our core mission of promoting sustainable and efficient practices across different sectors and regions.

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