We offer tailored ESG and sustainability strategies, backed by expertise in feasibility studies, carbon footprint calculations, energy audits, and CSR initiatives, helping organizations advance their sustainability goals.

Energy Audit

Our Energy Audit reports support your PROPER reporting by assessing energy performance and providing innovative recommendations. We identify areas for improvement to optimize energy usage and enhance sustainability in your operations.

Energy Management

With our BANA Impact+ platform, we offer real-time energy monitoring that allows you to directly measure the carbon emissions from your energy use. This tool enables more efficient energy management and helps in the development of strategies to reduce your environmental footprint.

Product Development

We assist in researching, developing, and recommending potential uses for your by-products or waste, creating new revenue streams or reducing costs in waste management. Our goal is to make your operations more financially viable and sustainable.

Feasibility Study for Sustainability Projects

We provide feasibility studies for sustainability projects, including waste management, CSR initiatives, or new ventures. Our service covers setting targets, monitoring, assessing impact, and managing the project, ensuring that each step is geared towards sustainable success.

Consulting. Recycling. Trading.

Join us in our mission to create sustainable business practices that lead to a healthier planet. At BANANA & Partners, we don’t just offer services—we deliver solutions that pave the way for a sustainable future.