BANANA & Partners Joins Enlit Asia 2022 in Bangkok Thailand

It all started with a dream, joining the big ecosystem in Enlit Asia, Bangkok, Thailand (BITEC, 20–22 September 2022)

Herry Wijaya (Left), Wildan Elsha (Centre), Rifqi Al-Ghifari (Right)

For BANANA & Partners this is a very big milestone, this is the first major exhibition that we are participating in overseas. As the Champion of Indonesia Energy Innovation Challenge 2022 from Energy Investment Management BV (Leon PullesAlifia Bintang Nugroho) , we got a golden ticket to open a booth, make presentations, and be a discussion panel in this event with Kent GoekingStefanie Mayr, and Prempreedee Kitirattrakarn.

Rifqi Al-Ghifari as Speaker at Panel Discussion

Connections, lessons and improvisation.
Three big things we got after meeting many big technology players such as WärtsiläIndonesia PowerPT PLN (Persero)Caltex Business Solutions — PakistanMitsubishi Power Asia PacificShell Lubricant SolutionsGESTEAG Energy Services GmbHBabcock & WilcoxPTT Group and so on. We see the trend of renewable energy that drives the change of the world’s economy into a green economy.

BANANA & Partners — Sharing on the booth with visitors

Technology Industry support in the renewable energy transition is something that absolutely must exist in this ecosystem, and it is at Enlit asia that you can see the vision and mission of each company reflected. Hydrogen, an energy source that is hailed as a future energy but is vulnerable because of its safety, is widely discussed here.

Business Matching With PLN and Indonesia Power

Connection and business matching.
Our goal is to connect in this event, we know we are small but we want to show that we should be considered his presence at this event. We met in business matching by many directors, investors, and also potential partners to discuss collaboration for our business. Next there will be a big episode from BANANA & Partners to continue to grow and develop to be big and bring Indonesia’s name on the world stage.

With Energy Investment mangement BV Teams (Leon Pules on the Left, Alifia Bintang on the Right)

Special Thanks to
PT Bayan Resources Tbk & PT Pertamina Patra Niaga
Muhamad Rifqi Al-Ghifariherry wijayaWildan Elsha
Thank you for continuing to be with us, support and bring us to the world stage.

Interview Stage with Enlit Asia Team

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