BANANA & Partners Win Indonesia Energy Innovation Challenge 2022

An energy transition in Indonesia is urgently needed and is still being developed. And Indonesia has many potentials. The next generation of business leaders and talent is just around the bend and is prepared to make a difference by making ground-breaking contributions to the energy transition. Every year, all parties involved in or interested in the energy transition in Indonesia come together for the Indonesian Energy Innovation Challenge 2022. In addition to creating new connections and enabling the beginning of new collaborations, the event gives students and entrepreneurs a platform to discuss their concepts and solutions.

In 2022, the Energy Innovation Challenge is organized by Energy Investment Management, Initiate, Enlit Asia, SBM ITB, SRE UB, and APLSI (Association of Indonesian Private Electricity Producers). BANANA & Partners along with seven other energy startups were selected as finalists in this event. June 30, 2022, attended by judges Leo Pulles (Senior Investment Advisor of Energy Investment Management BV), Kamia Handayani (VP Climate Change and Safeguard PLN), Adrianto Darmoyo (VP of Renewables at Medco Power Indonesia), and Irvan Farastha (CEO Powerbrain ), BANANA & Partners pitched and asked questions with the judges.

Represented by Rifqi Al-Ghifari (CBO), Karina Kristanti (BD), Herry Wijaya (CEO), and Wildan Elsha (CTO), BANANA & Partners conveyed PANDORA’s innovation which is a waste-to-energy and waste-to-material facility that aims for sustainable prosperity. Other startups that were present in the final round were Exit, Sangkara, eco wave power, weav air, lectro energy semesta, Kincir island, and Beli Jelantah.

At the end of the event, the announcement of the winners, BANANA & Partners succeeded in taking first place or as the Champion in the Indonesia Energy Innovation Challenge 2022. As a result, BANANA & Partners will receive mentoring from expert coaches and are entitled to participate in the SOUTH EAST ASIAN ENERGY INNOVATION CHALLENGE 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand September 21, 2022.

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