Cocomesh: An Eco-Friendly Solution for Land Rehabilitation and Erosion Control

Cocomesh is a woven material made from coconut fiber, designed for various environmental applications such as land rehabilitation and erosion control. This product has gained popularity due to its eco-friendly, biodegradable nature and effectiveness in supporting new vegetation growth and preventing soil erosion. BANANA & Partners, a company dedicated to innovation and sustainable solutions, produces high-quality cocomesh for a range of environmental projects.

Uses of Cocomesh
Cocomesh has several important uses that support conservation and land rehabilitation efforts:

Land Rehabilitation:

Mining Areas: Cocomesh is extensively used to restore land damaged by mining activities. The coconut fibers in cocomesh help hold the soil in place and provide a good foundation for new vegetation to grow. This is crucial in areas where the soil structure has been disrupted and natural vegetation has been stripped away. By stabilizing the soil, cocomesh helps prevent further erosion and facilitates the reestablishment of plant life, thus aiding in the ecological recovery of the area.

Agricultural Land: In agricultural settings, cocomesh can help restore degraded lands by preventing soil erosion and maintaining soil moisture. It is particularly beneficial in sloped areas where soil erosion can be a significant problem.

Erosion Control:

Steep Slopes and Cliffs: On steep slopes or cliffs prone to erosion, cocomesh effectively stabilizes the soil and prevents landslides. The fibrous structure of cocomesh interlocks with the soil, providing physical support that keeps the soil in place even under heavy rainfall.

Infrastructure Projects: Cocomesh can be used in infrastructure projects such as road and railway embankments to prevent soil erosion and ensure stability. It helps to reinforce the soil, reducing the risk of erosion-related issues that can compromise the integrity of these structures.

Coastal Ecosystem Restoration:

Shoreline Protection: In coastal areas, cocomesh helps prevent abrasion and supports the growth of vegetation like mangroves, which are crucial for coastal ecosystems. Mangroves play a vital role in protecting coastlines from storm surges and erosion, and cocomesh provides an ideal substrate for these plants to establish and thrive.

Dune Stabilization: Cocomesh is also used to stabilize sand dunes, preventing them from being blown away by the wind and protecting inland areas from sand encroachment.

Agricultural Use:

Organic Mulch: Cocomesh can be used as an organic mulch to retain soil moisture and reduce erosion on sloped agricultural land. It helps maintain soil structure, supports healthy plant growth, and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Environmental Impact and Carbon Emission Reduction
One of the key advantages of cocomesh over synthetic alternatives is its lower carbon footprint. The production and use of synthetic geotextiles, such as those made from polypropylene or polyester, involve significant energy consumption and emissions. In contrast, cocomesh is made from natural coconut fibers, a renewable resource with a minimal environmental impact.

For a project requiring 1000 square meters of material, the total carbon emissions for cocomesh are approximately 800 kg CO2e. This includes emissions from the production of coconut fibers, manufacturing of cocomesh, and transportation. In comparison, synthetic geotextiles can generate up to 3000 kg CO2e for the same area, considering the higher energy requirements and non-renewable nature of the materials used. This substantial difference demonstrates that using cocomesh can significantly reduce the carbon footprint in rehabilitation and conservation projects.

Cocomesh Applications by BANANA & Partners
BANANA & Partners has implemented cocomesh in various significant projects, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness. One notable project is the reforestation of mining lands and slope reinforcement in West Kutai, Kalimantan. In this project, over 200,000 square meters of land have been supported to become greener using cocomesh. This project not only helps reduce erosion and restore mining lands but also contributes to carbon emission reduction and improves local environmental quality.

Another successful application of cocomesh by BANANA & Partners includes:

Slope Stabilization in Infrastructure Projects: Cocomesh has been used to stabilize slopes along highways and railway embankments, ensuring that these critical infrastructure elements remain safe and functional by preventing soil erosion and landslides.

Coastal Protection Projects: In various coastal areas, cocomesh has been deployed to protect shorelines from erosion and to support the growth of mangroves and other coastal vegetation. These projects have been instrumental in preserving coastal ecosystems and protecting communities from the impacts of coastal erosion and storm surges.

Cocomesh is an effective and eco-friendly solution for various environmental challenges such as land rehabilitation and erosion control. Produced by BANANA & Partners, cocomesh helps repair damaged ecosystems and reduce carbon emissions. We offer services for your environmental projects. Order our cocomesh and contribute to a better environment!

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BANANA & Partners Joins the APEC Forum 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan

In a concerted effort to drive global sustainability initiatives, BANANA & Partners was privileged to participate in the APEC Forum 2024, held from June 12-13 at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan. This year, our Chief Business Officer, Rifqi Al-Ghifari, represented our team at the “Digital Innovation to Implement SMEs’ Low-carbon Transformation Workshop,” continuing our commitment from the previous year’s forum in April 2023.

The workshop is a direct response to growing demands from the market, where a significant majority of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been called upon by their customers to actively reduce their carbon footprint. According to recent findings by the SME Climate Hub, 77% of SMEs have faced such demands, and 61% see the urgent need for tools that effectively measure and monitor greenhouse gas emissions.

This year’s APEC forum focused on harnessing digital innovations to facilitate a low-carbon transformation across SMEs in the Asia Pacific region. The event kicked off with insightful opening remarks from Dr. Chin-Tsang Ho, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan, and Dr. Hattori Takashi, Deputy Representative of JTEA Japan.

The comprehensive agenda spanned various engaging activities designed to foster deep understanding and collaborative solutions for climate challenges. Highlights included in-depth global trend analysis, sharing of inspiring case studies, workshops on greenhouse gas audits, and strategic discussions on digital decarbonization techniques. Such sessions were instrumental in illustrating practical steps and innovations for reducing carbon emissions within business operations.

Participants from various countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Peru, and more shared their experiences and initiatives, making the workshop a melting pot of ideas and strategies for sustainability. The Indonesian delegation was notably strong, featuring key figures such as Mohammad Naufal from Carbon Addons and Iben from Sebumi, alongside our own Rifqi Al-Ghifari from BANANA & Partners.

Rifqi Al-Ghifari shared his thoughts on the event: “The workshop not only offered a platform to explore innovative low-carbon solutions but also allowed us to gain new insights from the diverse array of participants. It was particularly impactful for us at BANANA & Partners as it broadened our perspective on low-carbon innovations and connected us with numerous like-minded startups across the Asia Pacific.”

The workshop also featured an expansive networking session, which allowed participants to forge valuable connections with industry leaders and peers from various sectors. These interactions are crucial as they foster collaborations and partnerships that can lead to sustainable business practices across regions.

Representatives from major stakeholders like the International Climate Development Institute (ICDI), Merck Life Science, Victor Taichung Machinery Works, Siemens, TAISE, AMging, ISPONRE (Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment), Miseucre Corp, KPMG, TIER, Shou Long Precision Industrial, Plastic Industry Development Center (PIDC), and others shared their latest advancements and strategies for integrating sustainability into their operations. The workshop was also enriched with site visits to industries that are at the forefront of carbon emission reduction innovations, providing participants with a firsthand look at the implementation of sustainable practices.

As BANANA & Partners continues to lead and innovate in the low-carbon sector, we deeply appreciate the opportunity provided by APEC to be a part of such a forward-thinking community. We are inspired to keep advancing our sustainability goals, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

We thank APEC for including BANANA & Partners in this important event and look forward to continuing our active participation in global sustainability efforts.

Herry Wijaya Shares Insights at the 38th Petrokimia Gresik Innovation Convention

On June 4, 2024, the 38th Petrokimia Gresik Innovation Convention (KIPG) was successfully held in Gresik, East Java. This prestigious event celebrated innovation and creativity within Petrokimia Gresik, an agro-industry solutions company under the Pupuk Indonesia holding. One of the main speakers at the event was Herry Wijaya, CEO of BANANA & Partners, who shared valuable experiences and insights about innovation.

During the opening of the “Innovation Award,” Petrokimia Gresik’s President Director, Dwi Satriyo Annurogo, announced that the company managed to create added value or value creation of IDR 381.1 billion in 2024. This figure shows a 37 percent increase compared to the previous year, which was IDR 277.9 billion. Dwi Satriyo emphasized that this increase is an indicator of the improving quality of innovation at Petrokimia Gresik, supported by the growing involvement of employees in innovation.

“This increase in value creation is an indicator that the quality of innovation at Petrokimia Gresik is improving. It is also supported by the higher involvement of employees in innovation. This is proof that innovation can make Petrokimia Gresik more competitive,” said Dwi Satriyo.

In the event, Herry Wijaya shared his journey of innovation through BANANA & Partners. He shared his experience of starting from scratch after being laid off from a mining company in 2013, and starting innovation with his own capital until he achieved various awards and significant income.

“I was laid off from a mining company in 2013 and started innovation from the ground up with my own capital until today, achieving various awards and income,” said Herry Wijaya. He also emphasized that the most challenging phase of innovation is turning it into a feasible commercial product.

Herry also gave an inspiring message to the younger generation, especially Gen Z, to continue seizing available opportunities and developing amidst competition not only among humans but also with artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR).

“The most challenging phase of innovation is turning it into a feasible commercial product,” continued Herry Wijaya.

“Gen Z is not only faced with competition among humans but also with AI and AR created by humans themselves. Use the available platforms to keep growing,” Herry Wijaya advised at the end of the talk show.

The talk show was moderated by Septi Diajeng and enlivened by performances from local Gresik talents and the music group Klantink, which added to the festive atmosphere.

This year’s Petrokimia Gresik Innovation Convention was attended by 1,943 innovation clusters, a 22 percent increase from the previous year’s 1,599 clusters. Among them, 20 of the best innovation clusters competed in this year’s KIPG. Employee involvement in innovation also reached 95 percent, up from 91 percent the previous year, demonstrating the high spirit and commitment of all Petrokimia Gresik’s human resources in supporting the company’s competitiveness.

This event was not only a competition but also a platform to share experiences and inspiration from innovators like Herry Wijaya, who have successfully faced challenges and created added value through innovation.

Thanks to the organizers and Petrokimia Gresik for hosting this inspiring and festive event.

Empowering Innovation: The Journey of Rifqi Al-Ghifari with ATX+INDONESIA Training Program

In a world where the pace of innovation and business is relentless, one initiative stands out in its quest to empower emerging business leaders: the ATX+INDONESIA Training Program for Entrepreneurs. Among the distinguished participants of this elite program was Rifqi Al-Ghifari, the Chief Business Officer of BANANA & Partners, who embarked on a transformative journey under the aegis of Texas Global at The University of Texas at Austin.

The program, a brainchild of The University of Texas at Austin, was meticulously crafted to empower entrepreneurs with its hallmark Innovation Readiness® Training. The initiative was not just an academic venture but a crucible of innovation, designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of U.S. business operations and personalized mentorship from industry stalwarts. The collaboration with Universitas Gadjah Mada and YLabs Institute as co-implementing partners in Indonesia brought a unique local context to this global initiative.

From a pool of over 150 applicants, only 20 entrepreneurs were selected for this prestigious program, with BANANA & Partners being one of the few to receive this honor. The selection was a testament to the vision and potential seen in these businesses, marking the beginning of a journey that promised growth, learning, and transformation.

The ATX+INDONESIA Training Program was not just about imparting knowledge; it was about creating leaders of change. The participants underwent the Innovation Readiness® Training from the globally recognized University of Texas at Austin. They engaged in one-on-one mentoring sessions, absorbing wisdom from seasoned business leaders and academic visionaries. The in-person training at Universitas Gadjah Mada in January 2024 was a culmination of this learning journey, marked by the conferral of a completion certificate.

For Rifqi, this program was more than just a learning curve; it was an enlightening expedition. Under the guidance of Gary Anderson and Aimee Reed from the Global Innovation Hub Program, Rifqi gained invaluable insights into the core of building a resilient business. The presence of Mary Trechock, the Assistant Cultural Attaché from the U.S. Embassy, added a profound depth to the learning experience, elucidating the nuances of international business and cultural diplomacy.

The week-long stay in Yogyakarta (January 15-19, 2024) was not just academically enriching but also a fertile ground for networking. Rifqi, along with other participants, seized this opportunity to forge connections, share visions, and collaborate on future ventures.

As the program concluded, Rifqi reflected on this monumental experience with gratitude. Acknowledging the pivotal role played by the U.S. Embassy, The University of Texas at Austin, Gary Anderson, Aimee Reed, YLab Institute, UGM, and Innovative Academy UGM     , Rifqi recognized this journey as not just an educational experience but a catalyst for future entrepreneurial endeavors.

The ATX+INDONESIA Training Program for Entrepreneurs, through participants like Rifqi Al-Ghifari, is a testament to the power of learning, collaboration, and vision. As these entrepreneurs return to their ventures, they carry with them not just the knowledge and certificates but a renewed spirit to innovate, transform, and lead in the ever-evolving world of business.

Rifqi Al-Ghifari of BANANA & Partners Shares Insights at Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solution 2024 Roadshow

In a significant event marking the advancements in renewable energy and entrepreneurship, Rifqi Al-Ghifari, Co-founder of BANANA & Partners, recently graced the Roadshow to Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solution 2024. This event not only highlighted the strides made in the energy sector but also celebrated BANANA & Partners’ remarkable victory as the Winner of the Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solution 2022. The roadshow was a melting pot of ideas and insights, featuring prominent figures like Andri Pratiwa (Managing Director of Lubricants at Shell Indonesia), Ghiandi Utoyo (GM Marketing – Low Carbon Solution Marine Shell), Yusiran from Aquavoltaic, Irvan Farasatha of Powerbrain, Trisna Wardhani (Social Investment Advisor at Shell Indonesia), and Yulianto Soeharto from SBM ITB.

Rifqi Al-Ghifari, sharing his journey, spoke about the challenges and triumphs encountered by BANANA & Partners. Their story is not just about victory but about perseverance, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of sustainable solutions in the energy sector. The audience was captivated by the narrative of how their business model and strategies shaped their journey to success.

The Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solutions program is more than a competition; it’s a cradle for nurturing young entrepreneurial minds in Indonesia, focusing on new and renewable energy (EBT). The program aims to bolster the capabilities of young entrepreneurs eager to address energy challenges through innovative business solutions. Indonesia’s potential for renewable energy, notably Solar Energy with a potential of 3,295 GigaWatts and Geothermal Energy at 23 GigaWatts, is immense, yet current utilization stands at 322.6 MegaWatts for Solar and 2,373.1 MegaWatts for Geothermal Energy, indicating a vast scope for growth.

Adding to their list of accolades, BANANA & Partners also received recognition from Shell Global at the Shell Top Ten Innovator Global Competition 2022 held in Mexico City, Mexico. Their project, PANDORA, is a testament to the viability of Waste-to-Energy solutions, proving that such concepts can not only enter the market but thrive and evolve.   The Roadshow to Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solution 2024 was not just an event; it was a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and environmentalists. It showcased how ideas, when nurtured and executed well, can lead to substantial changes in the energy sector. With the likes of Rifqi Al-Ghifari and BANANA & Partners leading the charge, the future of renewable energy in Indonesia looks bright and promising.

The Roadshow to Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solution 2024 was not just an event; it was a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and environmentalists. It showcased how ideas, when nurtured and executed well, can lead to substantial changes in the energy sector. With the likes of Rifqi Al-Ghifari and BANANA & Partners leading the charge, the future of renewable energy in Indonesia looks bright and promising.

Congratulations on Achieving PROPER Gold by Pertamina Patra Niaga DPPU Sepinggan: Celebrating a Shared Journey with BANANA & Partners

Jakarta, December 20, 2023 – As we at BANANA & Partners extend our warmest congratulations to Pertamina Patra Niaga DPPU Sepinggan for their remarkable achievement in winning the PROPER Gold Award in the 2023 Corporate Performance Rating Program (PROPER), we also reflect on our shared journey. DPPU Sepinggan has not only been a beacon of sustainability and innovation but also a witness to the inception and growth of BANANA & Partners from its very beginning.

This award, announced in Jakarta on December 20 by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), is not only a symbol of achievement for Pertamina Patra Niaga DPPU Sepinggan but also a milestone in our shared history. As pioneers in our respective fields, we have watched each other grow, innovate, and set benchmarks in sustainability and responsible business practices.

The journey of DPPU Sepinggan, marked by their unwavering commitment to green economic principles and sustainable development, mirrors the ethos we uphold at BANANA & Partners. Their innovative programs like Yuk Kawal IKN-Sejiwa, which we have observed and admired, align perfectly with our belief in integrating social responsibility and environmental stewardship into successful business models.

As they achieve this significant milestone, we reflect on how DPPU Sepinggan has been part of our narrative since our inception. Their achievements inspire us and reinforce our belief that sustainability and business success must coexist. We are proud to have witnessed their journey, contributing where we could, and learning from their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Pertamina’s national level achievement of winning 34 PROPER Gold and 76 PROPER Green Awards further cements their role as industry leaders and aligns with our shared vision of sustainable business practices. Special recognition to Nicke Widyawati for receiving the Green Leadership Utama Award also highlights the visionary leadership that drives our collective goals towards environmental, social, and governance excellence.

In celebrating this momentous occasion, BANANA & Partners is not just applauding a partner but also acknowledging a journey we have shared since our early days. We look forward to continuing this journey, supporting each other’s missions, and reaching new heights of innovation and sustainability. Congratulations, Pertamina Patra Niaga DPPU Sepinggan, on this remarkable achievement. Your success is a beacon for us all.

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BANANA & Partners’ CEO Receives ‘Local Hero’ Award at Indonesia CSR Award 2023

Jakarta [December 2023] – Herry Wijaya, CEO of BANANA & Partners, has been honored with the ‘Local Hero’ award at the prestigious Indonesia CSR Award (ICA) 2023, organized by the Corporate Forum for CSR Development (CFCD). The award was presented by Thendri Supriatno, Chairman of CFCD, recognizing Herry’s effective collaboration with CSR Pertamina Patra Niaga Kalimantan.

This ‘Local Hero’ award highlights Herry Wijaya’s significant role in promoting sustainable practices, particularly in the Kalimantan region. This achievement has further motivated the CEO and the team at BANANA & Partners to continue innovating and contributing significantly to the world of sustainability. “This award is a catalyst for us to keep growing and do even more in 2024,” said Herry.

“I am deeply grateful for the remarkable collaboration we have had with Pertamina Patra Niaga. This partnership has been instrumental in our journey towards sustainable development and has significantly contributed to our success. The synergy between our teams has not only enhanced our capabilities but also allowed us to make meaningful strides in our commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone at Pertamina Patra Niaga for their unwavering support, shared vision, and dedication to making a positive impact on our community and the environment.” said herry

At the ICA 2023 event, four main award categories were presented. Besides the ‘Local Hero’ category, other awards included ‘Best Local Hero 1’ in circular economy, ‘Best Local Hero 1’ in women’s empowerment, and two awards in the development of Community Development Officer (leadership).

The award ceremony attracted participation from 32 companies and 9 individual participants in the ICA category, while in the ISDA category, there were 101 companies and 14 individual participants. In total, there were 72 ICA programs including individuals and 172 ISDA programs.

The assessment standard for these awards is based on SNI ISO 26000:2013, a guideline for social responsibility that serves as an important reference in organizational operations. This international standard not only helps organizations to comply with legal requirements but also encourages a broader contribution to sustainable development, going beyond legal compliance.

This year’s ICA theme, “One World One Responsibility Toward Sustainable Business Leadership (ESG & CSV) in Excellence,” is highly relevant to global CSR and sustainability trends, especially in terms of ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and CSV (Creating Shared Values) leadership. This theme reflects CFCD’s commitment to positively contribute to promoting sustainable and responsible business practices.

This award is not only a recognition of Herry Wijaya and BANANA & Partners’ efforts in implementing sustainability principles but also serves as an inspiration for other companies to take similar steps in advancing environmental and social sustainability in Indonesia.

Powering a Sustainable Future: BANANA & Partners Collaborate with Pertamina Hulu Mahakam to Transform Waste Cooking Oil into Biofuel in Anggana, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan

On July 8, 2023, BANANA & Partners conducted a comprehensive training on the conversion of waste cooking oil into biodiesel for fishing boat engines in the village of Anggana, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan. This event witnessed participation from various sections of the community including local fishermen, residents, students from the Mulawarman University Community Service Program (KKN), and environmental activists from Anggana.

The initiative was executed in collaboration with Pertamina Hulu Mahakam, through their Community Development Officer (CDO) and their Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) team. The ultimate goal of the program was to equip the community with knowledge and skills to transform waste cooking oil into a form of renewable energy that could be readily used and could have a direct, positive impact on their lives.

Converting waste cooking oil into biodiesel may sound like a complex process, but with the right knowledge and tools, it can be quite straightforward. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Collection and filtration: The waste cooking oil is collected and then filtered to remove food particles and other impurities.
  2. Preparation of the reaction mixture: The filtered oil is heated and mixed with an alcohol, usually methanol, and a catalyst, typically a strong base like sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide.
  3. Transesterification: The heated mixture is then left to react, a process called transesterification, where the triglycerides in the oil react with the alcohol to form esters (biodiesel) and glycerol.
  4. Separation: After the reaction is complete, the mixture is allowed to settle. The biodiesel floats to the top and the glycerol sinks to the bottom. These are then separated.
  5. Purification: The biodiesel is then washed and dried to remove any remaining catalyst, alcohol, or glycerol. The end product is ready-to-use biodiesel, a cleaner-burning, renewable substitute for petroleum diesel.

This conversion process, while it may seem simple, can have a profound impact on communities like those in Anggana, providing a sustainable solution to energy needs while tackling environmental issues stemming from waste oil disposal. BANANA & Partners’ endeavor in promoting such green initiatives not only empower the local communities but also contribute towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

BANANA & Partners Take Action: Championing Sustainable Ecosystem through Waste Management at Titik Nol Nusantara in the IKN

From Titik Nol Nusantara, in Ibukota Negara (IKN) located in Sepaku Subdistrict, North Penajam Paser Regency (PPU), East Kalimantan Province (Kaltim), World Environment Day was commemorated on June 5, 2023. BANANA & Partners, represented by Herry Wijaya, were invited by Mulawarman University (UNMUL) in collaboration with the Indonesian Professor Association (API) to hold an event called “Youth Care Action and Dialogue” with the theme of “IKN Minimizes Plastic Waste”.

The theme for World Environment Day this year is associated with controlling pollution or contamination from plastic waste. Hence, the representative of IKN urged all stakeholders involved in IKN’s development to begin socializing and adopting a lifestyle that minimizes waste.

In the same location, the initiator of this program and also a member of API, Prof. Dr. Esti Handayani Hardi, S.Pi., M.Si stated that waste has become a significant problem because it can impact economically, ecologically, and security-wise if not properly managed.

The larger the population and development, the more waste will be generated. Therefore, society must be aware and intensify waste management efforts.

“We’ve wanted to hold an action event like today’s for a long time. Initially, we wanted to clean up the waste in the Balikpapan Bay area. However, due to time constraints, we’re starting by collecting waste in the IKN area. We will continue to oversee IKN’s development so it doesn’t generate waste that could harm the environment. UNMUL will regularly visit to monitor,” said the Coordinator of the Doctoral Program in Environmental Science at UNMUL.

In addition to waste cleanup actions, the event also involved a dialogue involving students, East Kalimantan’s Miss Indonesia 2023 Natasya Priyanka, CEO of Banana & Partners Herry Wijaya, Director of Environmental Affairs and Disaster Management of IKN, Onesimus Patiung, and Professor Esti Handayani Hardi. One of the Mulawarman University students, Suryanti Ramdhani, also participated as a speaker in this dialogue.

During this dialogue, Herry Wijaya emphasized the importance of a sustainable ecosystem, one aspect of which is waste management as a support for the circular economy in IKN, and promoting a sustainable system through multi-sectoral cooperation.

“It’s time for us to change our mindset. We are no longer “locals”; IKN and its surrounding cities will become the focus of attention for Indonesia, ASEAN, Asia, even the world; hence we mustn’t lag behind in terms of knowledge, technology, and the will to advance,” stated Herry Wijaya.

BANANA & Partners continues to monitor the mega IKN project, which is being built according to the plan of the IKN Authority. They continually support sustainable projects that prioritize social, economic, and environmental impacts for sustainable prosperity.

Empowering Communities: BANANA & Partners’ Contribution to the Pelaut Tangguh Program alongside PERTAMINA PHE OSES in Pulau Harapan, Kepulauan Seribu

In a remarkable collaboration aimed at empowering local fishermen and promoting sustainable practices, BANANA & Partners joined forces with PERTAMINA PHE OSES to support the Pelaut Tangguh program. This initiative, launched in 2022, focuses on enhancing the well-being and knowledge of fishing communities, ultimately fostering their self-reliance.

On June 23, 2023, Rifqi Al-Ghifari, representing BANANA & Partners, conducted an engaging session on wood waste management in shipbuilding and docking with over five fishing groups from Pulau Harapan, Pulau Kepala, and Pulau Kepala Dua. Shipbuilding has been a longstanding tradition in Pulau Kelapa and Kelapa Dua, as the majority of the local population depends on fishing as their primary livelihood. With more than a ton of wood waste accumulating each month, the program aims to reduce waste and boost the community’s economic opportunities.

The event also featured the presence of Mr. Achmad from Pulau Karimun Jawa, who introduced an innovative and environmentally friendly fishing trap called “bubu.” This program specifically targeted hook and shoot fishermen, providing them with additional fishing techniques and promoting the use of nylon plastic waste as a substitute for coral reefs in the bubu’s construction.

Together with representatives from PERTAMINA PHE OSES, Mr. Baskoro and Mr. Dibyo, the fishing communities expressed their hopes for continuous and sustainable development, particularly in improving their living standards. BANANA & Partners is committed to being a reliable partner to PERTAMINA PHE OSES, providing cutting-edge technology and empowering the local workforce to effectively manage wood waste and transform it into marketable products. This partnership aims to foster a competitive business mindset within the community.

“We extend our gratitude to PERTAMINA PHE OSES for inviting us and allowing us the opportunity to share and network with more than five fishing groups. We witnessed immense potential in Pulau Kelapa and Kelapa Dua to create a sustainable island, generating significant social, economic, and environmental impact on the surrounding communities.”

“We remain dedicated to supporting the Pelaut Tangguh program in creating sustainable prosperity.”

Let us come together and make a profound impact on coastal communities while building a sustainable ecosystem with BANANA & Partners.

By infusing this article with a narrative that emphasizes the collaborative efforts, transformative goals, and the potential for creating a lasting impact on the community, the story becomes more engaging and captures the reader’s attention.