Empowering Communities: BANANA & Partners’ Contribution to the Pelaut Tangguh Program alongside PERTAMINA PHE OSES in Pulau Harapan, Kepulauan Seribu

In a remarkable collaboration aimed at empowering local fishermen and promoting sustainable practices, BANANA & Partners joined forces with PERTAMINA PHE OSES to support the Pelaut Tangguh program. This initiative, launched in 2022, focuses on enhancing the well-being and knowledge of fishing communities, ultimately fostering their self-reliance.

On June 23, 2023, Rifqi Al-Ghifari, representing BANANA & Partners, conducted an engaging session on wood waste management in shipbuilding and docking with over five fishing groups from Pulau Harapan, Pulau Kepala, and Pulau Kepala Dua. Shipbuilding has been a longstanding tradition in Pulau Kelapa and Kelapa Dua, as the majority of the local population depends on fishing as their primary livelihood. With more than a ton of wood waste accumulating each month, the program aims to reduce waste and boost the community’s economic opportunities.

The event also featured the presence of Mr. Achmad from Pulau Karimun Jawa, who introduced an innovative and environmentally friendly fishing trap called “bubu.” This program specifically targeted hook and shoot fishermen, providing them with additional fishing techniques and promoting the use of nylon plastic waste as a substitute for coral reefs in the bubu’s construction.

Together with representatives from PERTAMINA PHE OSES, Mr. Baskoro and Mr. Dibyo, the fishing communities expressed their hopes for continuous and sustainable development, particularly in improving their living standards. BANANA & Partners is committed to being a reliable partner to PERTAMINA PHE OSES, providing cutting-edge technology and empowering the local workforce to effectively manage wood waste and transform it into marketable products. This partnership aims to foster a competitive business mindset within the community.

“We extend our gratitude to PERTAMINA PHE OSES for inviting us and allowing us the opportunity to share and network with more than five fishing groups. We witnessed immense potential in Pulau Kelapa and Kelapa Dua to create a sustainable island, generating significant social, economic, and environmental impact on the surrounding communities.”

“We remain dedicated to supporting the Pelaut Tangguh program in creating sustainable prosperity.”

Let us come together and make a profound impact on coastal communities while building a sustainable ecosystem with BANANA & Partners.

By infusing this article with a narrative that emphasizes the collaborative efforts, transformative goals, and the potential for creating a lasting impact on the community, the story becomes more engaging and captures the reader’s attention.

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