Plastic Waste into Valuable Goods
Plastic waste sorting in PANDORA

Recycling is the process of collecting used materials that are waste and then processing them for reuse. The elements contained in the waste are separated and selected and then prepared for reuse as raw materials for new products.

Plastic recycling is very important in today’s world. Because plastic is a non-biodegradable material that takes decades to break down before it can be reused.

In the hands of creative people, plastic waste can be recycled into useful and valuable items.


A recent graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, where she studied interdisciplinary sculpture, Trisha Cheeney created Pälemer as direct competition to fast fashion and part of a recycling revolution. One of its products is a winter jacket made from 214 plastic shopping bags. (top left)

Researchers at the University of Bath are working with plastics engineering specialist Protomax to design and test reusable shelters. The materials of the shelters are recycled plastic waste, called Storm Board, which is also suitable for recycling and use. (top right)

In Chile, a new program is helping to tackle the problem of ocean plastic pollution by repurposing old fishing nets into play and sports equipment. (bottom)

The first school in Asia built from recycled plastic bricks. The construction of SDN Taman Sari in Medas Bentaur Village, Gunung Sari, West Lombok, NTB is a remarkable achievement because it uses recycled plastic waste to make building bricks.  SDN 04 Taman Sari,  made possible by the collaboration between Classroom of Hope (Australia), Block Solutions (Finland), Pelita Foundation Lombok and NTB Local Administration. The construction process similar to assembling Lego blocks, was impressively fast, unique and environmentally friendly building materials used.

Processing plastic waste in PANDORA

In PANDORA, our waste-to-energy and waste-to-material facility, we process pressed plastic and chopped plastic from plastic waste which are then used as plastic recycling material that factories need to make useful and valuable items. In one PANDORA, we can process ±3 tons of plastic waste per day.

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