Representing Indonesia at the COMEUP Global Startup Festival 2022 in South Korea

After becoming Ecothon 2022 Champion in the Indonesia Series in mid-2022, BANANA & Partners represented by Muhamad Rifqi Al-Ghifari and Karina Kristanti had the opportunity to attend the COMEUP (컴업) COMEUP Global Startup Festival 2022 in South Korea on 8–12 November 2022 at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park.

COMEUP (컴업) is a global startup festival that was born in 2019. Since its launch, COMEUP attracted +130,000 participants including +2,700 investors and +280 speakers. More than 270 promising startups pitched on the stage, having succeeded in after-event funding of +242M USD in total.

COMEUP aims to be the world’s most startup-led festival. All programs and events are fully led by startup founders and communities. It builds a global network of startup communities from around the world, helping their startup ecosystems grow and scale up, introducing promising early-stage startups with never-seen-before innovations.

BANANA & Partners was directly invited by ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC),ASEIC was established in 2011 to promote cooperation of green growth in Europe and Asia, with a particular emphasis on enhancing eco-innovation of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) ) in both regions. Agreeing on the importance of SMEs as main engines of innovation and growth, Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) member countries joined together to establish ASEIC as an international platform for spreading eco-innovation principles and practices among SMEs and assisting them in harnessing the new business opportunities that arise out of such principles and practices.

On November 10, 2022, BANANA & Partners had the opportunity to pitch Investor Relations (IR) in front of three Korean stakeholders namely Brian Kim (CEO of Kim Venturous), Yoonmin Cho (Partners of Sopoong Ventures), and Alex Min (CEO of RE- Harvest). This time the pitching was brought by Karina Kristanti as the co-founder and Business Development of BANANA & Partners.

Apart from pitching, there are exhibitions and conferences filled with various Korean startups that have been funded from pre-series A to series C. Several large companies and venture capitals such as Samsung SecuritiesHyundai Motor Company (현대자동차)XnTREE ventures, 매쉬업엔젤스 (MashupAngels) , CNT Technologies www.cnttech.orgVentureSquareKT InvestmentMirae Asset Global Investments Holding Company, SparkLabs GroupKorea Investment PartnersStrong VenturesIMM Investment Corp.Dunamu & Partners, CJ Investment Inc., and many more. All of these events are supported by the South Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups, the Korea Startup Forum, and SUP Kised Korea startup.

BANANA & Partners learned a lot from their trip to South Korea, and there are many more stories behind the struggle to continue to spread the benefits of #ForSustainableProsperity!

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