BANANA & Partners at The 80th-Anniversary of Bakrie Group

“Generasi Bangun Negeri”, an initiative program by the Bakrie Group to empower outstanding Indonesian youth. One of the programs is I-Start (Innovation Pitch Tech Startup) Competition which was held to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Bakrie Group.

Through this program, Bakrie Group provides facilities for the Indonesian younger generation to be able to contribute to answering the needs and solutions of the community in various sectors. I-Start invites startup businesses to pitch their ideas from various sectors through technology-based innovations and breakthroughs.

Ten sectors that are categorized as innovations including renewable energy, industrialization, digitalization, infrastructure, technology, media, agribusiness, property, telecommunications, health, and education

Jakarta, 28 September 2022

BANANA & Partners and 18 other semi-finalists did the first pitch which was to describe their startup. BANANA & Partners brings PANDORA, Pusat Industri Daur Oelang Rumahan which process waste into energy. The first pitch is done in an electric bus produced by VKTR Indonesia, which is one of the startups belonging to Bakrie Group. BANANA & Partners made it into the top 10 and move on to the next stage.

Through this competition, there are so many unique and brilliant ideas emerged from young people which then can help to answer the community’s needs and solutions. We are also given the opportunity to build networking, discuss for businesses, and exchange ideas and experiences with Bakrie Group and other finalists

Jakarta, 29 September 2022

On the 2nd day, at the networking session, we did business matching with the directors of Bakrie group to create valuable relationship and initiate innovative projects.

After networking session, Rifqi Al-Ghifari, CBO of BANANA & Partners did the final pitch and Q&A session with the judges for the final score. The judges of I-Start Competition are:

– Anindra Ardiansyah Bakrie (Ardi Bakrie) — Vice President Director/Co-CEO PT Bakrie & Brothers, Tbk

– Syailendra Surmansyah Bakrie (Eda Bakrie) — President Director/Chief Executive Officer, PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk

– Taufan Eko Nugroho Rotorasiko — Komisaris PT Multi Kontrol Nusantara

– Raden Aryo Febrian Moedanton S.M. M.M. — Dosen Program Studi Manajemen Universitas Bakrie

– Roy Hendrajanto M. Sakti — Director / Chief Financial Officer PT Bakrie & Brothers, Tbk

After going through a long selection process, finally BANANA & Partners became The 1st Winner of I-Start Competition 2022.

This is a big milestone for BANANA & Partners, so that in the future PANDORA can continue to grow and we can help the community through the solutions and innovations that we make.

BANANA & Partners would like to thank to Bakrie Group, and we look forward to working with Bakrie Group in order to be more present in society and the business world itself.

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