BANANA & Partners Win Shell Livewire Energy Solution 2022

Event Handled by PT Shell Indonesia

After almost 10 months from starting the registration of Shell Livewire Energy Solution 2022, BANANA & Partners was crowned the first winner beating almost 100 energy solution startups in Indonesia. BANANA & Partners, chaired by Muhamad Rifqi Al-Ghifari, brings solutions to the waste problem in Indonesia into an energy source that has an impact on reducing carbon emissions and local economic growth.

Announcement Day

BANANA & Partners sees the competition held by PT Shell Indonesia and Global as a big competition that will change the perspective of the startups who participate. “Shell Livewire Energy Solution is an event that young startup founders have been waiting for, especially in the energy sector because it is packaged in a marathon where those who can consistently grow, give 100% in this event, are the ones who will win.” Said Rifqi.

Final Judges — Shell Livewire Energy Solution 2022

The competition presented competent performers from Shell Indonesia, Clean Power Indonesia, Angel Investor, MDI Ventures, ITB, Kementerian Energi Dan Sumber Daya Mineral, and Shell Livewire alumni in previous years. In the top 10 stage, BANANA & Partners got a lot of input on how to pitch properly before a jury consisting of investors, regulators, practitioners, and also academics.

With the belief that waste-to-energy will have a social, economic, and environmental impact, BANANA & Partners wants to continue to contribute, accelerate, and also continue to grow into a business-sustainable startup.

Wildan (Left — CTO BANANA & Partners), Anita Setyorini (Centre — Shell Indonesia), Rifqi (Right — CBO BANANA & Partners)

Shells! Live! Wires!

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