Woman — Young, Smart and Powerful

Karina Kristanti

Young, Smart and Powerful

BANANA & Partners as a company that has the message and spirit of SDGs, one of which is women empowerment or gender equality, tries to continue to show that women can help accelerate renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions, and manage waste in a circular economy.

Karina Kristanti, one of the women who built BANANA & Partners from the start, has a message for women not to be afraid to be a mover and get out of their comfort zone. On 7–9 September 2022, Karina participated in an activity from 중소벤처기업진흥공단(Korea SMEs Startups Agency), Ministry of SMEs and Startup South Korea, KEMENKOPUKM, ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC)Shinhan Future’s Lab IndonesiaBank Shinhan IndonesiaGreen Business Center and Hanns Seidel Foundation, with the theme Korea-ASEAN Business Model Competition for SDGs at the Ayana Midplza Hotel, Jakarta. BANANA & Partners as the 1st winner of Ecothon Indonesia get a pass ticket to join the top 30 and qualify for the top 10 in this event.

The purpose of BANANA & Partners in joining multiple ecosystems is to find Partners. In accordance with his spirit, namely BANANA & “Partners” which means collaborating. In this agenda, Karina visited the Gojek Indonesia Office to see the success story and also a business visit. Through Karina, BANANA & Partners wants to create an inclusive ecosystem within the company’s internal and wider business ecosystem. We want to form individuals who can be thinkers of existing solutions, reliable business executioners, and narrators for sustainability ecosystems.

If you want to be the next karina, we really have a collaboration space open!

If you’re choosing BANANA as Your Partners, You’re Contribute for Sustainable Prosperity that help people do more for the Planet.

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