PANDORA Cisauk is ready to run in August 2022

“This recycling center will open up new job opportunities for the Cisauk community, reduce waste, and also innovation that will continue to grow in the future, I really support it,” said the Head of Sub-district Cisauk (Kepala Kecamatan).

On Monday, June 28, 2022, together with the Head of Kelurahan Suradita, Cisauk Residents, and also the Chief Business Officer from BANANA & Partners (Rifqi Al-Ghifari) visited the Cisauk sub-district office to meet Mr. M. Yusuf fachroji (Head of Sub-district/Kepala Kecamatan). The agenda for this meeting is to take care of licensing, technical discussions, and regional regulations in the sub-district (Kecamatan).

This is an innovation that is highly appreciated as a starting point for building a waste management ecosystem and renewable energy in Cisauk, Tangerang Regency. This will push people in Cisauk to solve economic, social, and environmental problems on their own and in new ways.

“All activities involve indigenous Cisauk residents such as youth, leaders, housewives, and the general public, so that the circular economy concept is properly implemented in the PANDORA system, which will run in August 2022,” said Rifqi Al-Ghifari.

The waste-to-material and waste-to-energy capacity in PANDORA will be at least five tons per day with the waste sources around Tangerang district. In PANDORA Cisauk, there will be results in the form of chopped and pressed plastic, biocharcoal, maggot, and biodiesel. Zero Waste to Landfill.

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