In commemoration of World Environment Day 2022, the CEO of BANANA & Partners receives the KALPATARU Award

BALIKPAPAN — Herry Wijaya, CEO of BANANA & Partners, won the Kalpataru award from the East Kalimantan Provincial Government. The award was handed over directly by the Governor of East Kalimantan, Isran Noor, to Herry for the category of Kalpataru Figures Recipient of Award Certificates and Kalpataru Figures Recipients of East Kalimantan Appreciation in 2022.

Photo of the Award Presentation by the Governor of East Kalimantan, Mr. Isnan Noor (Right)

The awards are given in order to encourage community participation, initiative, and involvement in preserving environmental functions, as well as to recognize individuals who have attempted to increase the carrying capacity of the environment.

In collaboration with Pertamina DPPU Sepinggan, Herry Wijaya leads the Pertamina Better program (Balikpapan Renewable Energy) in an effort to process and reduce waste using the circular economy concept.

“Thank you for the support from Pertamina to realize the improvement of community welfare, through sustainable waste management and processing programs,” said Herry.

Herry added that getting the Kalpataru award from the East Kalimantan Province was an honor and had never been thought of before.

“The mission to realize sustainable prosperity through sustainable waste management and processing activities has not been completed. Please pray for us, so that we continue to be istiqomah and trustworthy in carrying out activities,” said Herry excitedly. Currently, one Pandora (Parent Waste Bank) and six Better Shops (Upstream Waste Bank) have been formed to accommodate waste from the community and several other waste banks outside the auspices of Pertamina Better.

Photo with the Mayor of Balikpapan (right) and the Head of the Environmental Service of Balikpapan City (Left)

“The Kalpataru Award is a mandate for the recipient, to maintain and improve pioneering, as well as efforts to maintain and manage the environment and forestry,” said the Head of the East Kalimantan Provincial Environmental Service, E.A Rafiddin Rizal at the Kalpataru Leaders Capacity Building activity in East Kalimantan. 2022, which will be held online and offline (17/02).

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