Fundamental Start-up and Basic Research to Build a New Sustainable Ecosystem


On Saturday, (21/05) BANANA & Partners held the BANA Academy ‘Sustainability Bootcamp Scholarship’ program. The BANA Academy program entitled ‘Sustainability Bootcamp Scholarship’ is also supported by Pertamina Patra Niaga, BeKind, and New Energy Nexus. This Bootcamp activity is carried out in order to grow an ecosystem that can develop a green economy. This is the first Bootcamp in a series of events that will be held every Saturday for the next month and a half.

The first day of the Bootcamp was attended by 48 participants, who were divided into five small groups. To establish group dynamics, participants are assigned to present a business idea they want to develop. They also take on the roles of CEO, CMO, CBO, CFO, and COO to facilitate the transfer of knowledge after receiving the material.

The first material was delivered by CBO BANANA & Partners, Rifqi Alghifari. Rifqi conveyed several things related to the fundamentals of building start-ups. The purpose of this material is to equip participants with the fundamentals before they build their business. Rifqi conveyed the importance of knowing and compiling a Business Lean Canvas. This material is important to map business aspects, such as problems, solutions, target market, and unique selling points. Participants will then map out one by one the points above in the group dynamics.

In addition to delivering material on Business Lean Canvas, Rifqi also delivered material on Pitch Deck. This material covers how to write a pitch deck, the important points that must be in it, as well as pitching strategies to make it right on target. This information was given to the participants as a way to help them pitch to investors when they needed money for their business.

Participants learned more than just Business Lean Canvas and Pitch Deck. They also received a second material on cutting-edge research in science and technology. This material was delivered by Endah Suarsih, BANANA Advisor & Partner who is also a doctoral student at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Endah provides an overview of the role of science and technology in the sustainability of the ecosystems in the world, especially in Japan. Together with the CTO of BANANA & Partners, Wildan Elsha, Endah helped the participants to curate their ideas in terms of technology and market needs. Broadly speaking, scientific and technological research will accelerate and sharpen solutions for society in the long term. Research does not look one step ahead but up to 100 times faster, especially in the field of energy and the environment.

After the question and answer session, came the last session. The participants rejoined their respective groups to be dynamic with the members. They apply the material that has been obtained on the first day of this Bootcamp to assignments. In today’s material, participants are expected to gain new knowledge and insights about the fundamentals of startups and also basic research to build a sustainable green economy.

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