BANANA & Partners Make a Green Ecosystem Through Bana Academy ‘Sustainability Bootcamp Scholarsihp’


Saturday (14/5), BANANA & Partners held the Pre-Bootcamp Sustainability Bootcamp Scholarship. This activity is one of the BANANA & Partners programs implemented in order to form an ecosystem that supports green economic growth and green jobs. The Pre-Bootcamp was attended by 50 participants who had passed the registration and selection stages.

Registration for the Sustainability Bootcamp Scholarship participants is open from March 29 to April 24, 2022. Of about 116 participants who registered, there are 50 participants who are entitled to take part in the Bootcamp session. Participants who apply come from the best universities in Indonesia and are part of a generation that has a high interest in the economy and green jobs.

The Sustainability Bootcamp Scholarship program is held from May 14–June 18, 2022. In accordance with the goal of creating a sustainable ecosystem in the green economy, the mentors who will fill the bootcamp session are also practitioners and experts in the environment and energy. Mentors who will fill in include Dilla Hadju from Growijaurban, Jere Jefferson, who is an Advisor at BeKind Token, Susanto Satria from Pertamina Patra Niaga, and Arif Utomo from New Energy Nexus. There were also several other mentors who participated in the mentoring session for the participants. The information that will be given will also be different. It will cover a wide range of topics, such as SDGs, investments, community development, research, and communication.

The Pre-Bootcamp session was opened with remarks from the Community Development Officer of the Sepinggan Group DPPU, Nindy Puspaningtyas, and the CEO of BANANA & Partners, Herry Wijaya. In their remarks, they hoped that the participants of the BANA Academy ‘Sustainability Bootcamp Scholarship’ could absorb as much knowledge as possible from the mentors.

After the remarks, it continued with the presentation of the Bootcamp implementation program delivered by RIfqi Alghifari, as CBO BANANA & Partners. Before the Pre-Bootcamp ended, there was a participant introduction session and team division. The next Bootcamp session will be held on Saturday, May 21, 2022, which will come.

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