Become Local Heroes, Herry Wijaya Optimized Can Reduce Waste Problems in Indonesia


The CEO of BANANA & Partners, Herry Wijaya, was invited as a guest speaker on the Local Heroes Talk Show on Thursday, (14/4/2022) in commemoration of the 19th Anniversary of Tribun Kaltim. Thanks to his contribution to reducing the waste problem in East Kalimantan, Herry Wijaya has been dubbed a waste hero. Herry Wijaya together with BANANA & Partners has a mission to manage waste, which is considered very effective and provides benefits to the community. BANANA & Partners itself, is a company that focuses on waste management and renewable energy.

On the Talk Show, Herry Wijaya explained the BANANA & Partners programs that were run to support the waste management mission. Several programs, such as Pay with Garbage, Alms Uses Garbage, Smart Use Garbage, and Healthy Use Garbage, use the concept of community empowerment.

In addition to the community empowerment program, Herry also revealed that BANANA & Partners also wants to form a sustainable ecosystem in the green economy. This program was later named BANA Academy. This program is open to final-year students and recent graduates who want to learn about the green economy and waste management. The hope is that this ecosystem will be sustainable and can help create a waste-free environment.

Not only in East Kalimantan, BANANA & Partners is also expected to grow globally. Therefore, Herry also revealed that on April 16–17, 2022, through the Research and Development Advisor BANANA & Partners, they will conduct a public presentation at SET Weekend, Tokyo, Japan.

Herry also explained that BANANA and Partners provide the main service, namely in the form of garbage collection using environmentally friendly electric vehicles. Then, the organic waste is processed to renew energy, while the inorganic waste will be processed into new goods. In Sepinggan, Balikpapan, at a place called PANDORA (Waste Recycling — Pusat Industri Daur Oelang Rumahan), all of the waste is processed.

BANANA & Partners received waste cooking oil to be processed into biodiesel and disinfectant. Organic waste can be used as activated charcoal, which can be used for cosmetics, and inorganic waste can be used to make bricks and other construction materials. Several companies, like Universal Tekno Reksajaya, Astra Motor, Pertamina, Prakasa Pratama Pier, and the Kalimantan Institute of Technology campus, have used the services and products of processed waste from BANANA & Partners.

Currently, BANANA & Partners is also utilizing blockchain technology to develop a circular economy in sustainable waste management. On March 1, 2022, BANANA & Partners launched the BANA Token as a utility to develop the Waste Recycling Center Ecosystem from upstream to downstream.

In the Talk Show, Herry did not forget to invite the community to contribute through the BANA Token. Herry explained how the process of purchasing products using the BANA Token. First, we have to prepare a crypto wallet first. After that, we can purchase pBANA tokens through the BANA Token Customer Service. Finally, we can only transact processed waste products from BANANA & Partners. This BANA Token will be used in the future to build PANDORA in different cities so that sustainable waste management can be spread out across Indonesia.

With the programs launched by BANANA & Partners, Herry Wijaya hopes that public awareness of waste will be raised. Herry is optimistic that by doing it together, we can realize a waste-free Indonesia.


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